Launching the Blog

Welcome to my new personal site. I’ll still be doing the majority of my writing on the Focus Press Blog, but occasionally I’ll want to share a few thoughts here that aren’t intended for as broad of an audience as the FPBlog provides.

To begin with, I’m going to be using this site mainly for book reviews. Over the next 365 days it’s my goal to read 50 total books taken from a number of different genres. I understand that goal may be small to some, but it’s one I’ve attempted and failed repeatedly over the last few years. In fact, cracking 20 would be a major accomplishment for me compared to recent years. But it’s hard to do good writing and good preaching without plenty of reading, so I’m hoping the accountability that comes with this public format will help keep me on track.

The goal is to post a book review each week, though some weeks might have none while others have more than one. If you have any book suggestions or recommendations for me based on any reviews I post, let me know through either the contact page or one of the social links to the left.

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